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In August of 1972, Phase II Pan Groove was formed by a group of daring and innovative young musicians. The names Anderson Phillips, Barry Howard, Noel Seon, Rawl Mitchell, Selwyn Tarradath and virtuoso Dr. Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe made the bold decision to leave the ‘confines’ of Starlift Steel Orchestra and pursue their passion and talents towards the development of a more indigenous and upbeat sound for the steelpan.

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HADCO Phase II Pan Groove Announces Its 2023 National Panorama Tune of Choice Prior to Pan Trinbago’s official launch of the 2023 National Panorama Competition,

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Noel “Stove” Seon

December 25, 1951 – Present

Rawl Mitchell

November 3, 1951 – Present

Rawl is one of the six co-founding members of Phase II Pan Groove.

He began playing the steelpan as a member of Starlift Steel Orchestra from 1967 to 1972. Following, he performed with Family Tree Combo, which won the Combomania Competition in 1972. He later was approached by Dr. Sharpe to form the first incarnation of what is now known as Phase II Pan Groove.

Rawl now resides and performs on the steelpan in the Tri-state area in the United States.

Barry Hewin Howard

December 19, 1953 – July 25, 2022

From as early as the age of sixteen (16), Barry began building an exceptional career as one of the region’s most sought-after and internationally renowned drummers and percussionists.

His love for the instruments blossomed at Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra, which was the first steelband that he was associated with. He started as a percussionist there and later became the drummer. It was also with this band that he experienced his first National Panorama Competition in 1970.

Following Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra, Barry joined a combo band called Passion Rebirth and eventually moved on to play for Flames 2000 A.D. When the latter was dissolved, he was approached to join Starlift Steel Orchestra, where he came into the company of Phase II’s other co-founders.

During his time with Phase II, Barry had the opportunity to perform with several popular local icons, including Carol Addison, Charmaine Ford, Nadia La Fond, Carl “Beaver” Henderson, Richard “Nappy” Mayers, Jenny Pakeera, Hazel Rambaransingh and Clive Zanda.

In 1985, he decided to move on from Phase II to further pursue his musical abilities and the following year found him working within a Calypso tent. In 1989 he was called to work as a percussionist with Roy Cape All Stars where he remained until 1991. In 1994, Barry became a foundation member of The Wayne Bruno & D Rapid Response band, which was the resident band for all Spectakular Promotions shows within that period.

As a musician, Barry had the opportunity to work for international acts such as Percy Sledge, Peaches & Herb, Ernie Smith, Boris Gardiner, Pluto Shervington, and many others. He also toured France (1994), North America (2003-2008), Canada (2004 and 2005), the wider Caribbean (2004-2008), the Turks & Caicos Islands (2007), England (2008) and Nigeria (2012).

Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

October 28, 1953 – Present

Nicknamed the “Mozart of Pan” by American jazz trumpeter and composer Wynton Marsalis, Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe was the last of five (5) children born to his parents, Randolph and Grace Isabella Sharpe in St. James, Trinidad. His mother was responsible for giving him the nickname, “Boogsie.”

Literally from the day that he was born and through his formative years, Boogsie was exposed to the melodious sounds of the steelpan, despite the fact that the involvement of children and women in the pan yard during those times was frowned upon. In fact, the family’s yard housed the Symphonettes’ Steelband, and as early as three (3) years old, Boogsie could be found attempting to create his own sets of instruments from discarded grapefruit juice tins, which he collected from his father’s workplace. By the age of four (4) he would also have begun performing with the steel orchestra.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Sharpe has established himself as a globally renowned composer, arranger and of course, steelpan musician. He has also been an instructor. These feats were achieved without any formal education in music literacy and a limited primary school education.

As an individual, Boogsie has performed to sold-out audiences in Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, North America, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

As the Arranger and Musical Director of Phase II Pan Groove, Dr. Sharpe and the band have travelled to neighbouring islands within the region, North America and West Africa.

In November 2020, the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine conferred an honorary doctorate to Boogsie for steelpan composition, arrangement and performance.

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Selwyn Tarradath

July 24, 1947 – Present

Selwyn is a retired Educator, former Columnist with the Evening News and Trinidad Guardian, and past Executive Member of Pan Trinbago Inc. The eldest of Phase II’s six (6) co-founders, he was also the recipient of a College Exhibition Scholarship from Arima Boys’ Government School in 1954 and subsequently attended Queen’s Royal College (QRC) from 1954-1965.

Mr. Tarradath’s involvement in the steelpan movement is extensive and rooted in his commitment to youth development. As examples, he began teaching at Easter Boys Government Primary School in February 1968 and within the following year, he began the school’s first steel band. In 1975, while teaching at Point Cumana Government Primary, he was also charged with the responsibilities of starting a band there. This would be followed in 1980 with similar efforts as the Music Teacher at Diego Martin Junior Secondary School.

In 1973, Selwyn was elected treasurer of the Northern Region of Pan Trinbago Inc. He was later elected as an Executive Officer of the main body of Pan Trinbago Inc in 1980, where he served as Public Relations Officer and Education Officer, sometimes simultaneously. His duties would find him deeply involved in productions and projects such as, Champs in Concert, the School Steel Band Panorama, and Schools’ Steel Band Music Festival.

In 1994, he was recruited by the Organisation of American States (OAS) for a project in St. Kitts and Nevis called, “Teaching the Teachers of the Caribbean to Teach Pan.” There, he highlighted the value of music literacy via the steelpan as a method assist youths who were considered to be delinquent or troublesome.

Anderson “Andy” Phillips

January 12, 1951 – Present

Andy Phillips began playing the steelpan at the age of fifteen (15) as a member of Starlift Steel Orchestra. He is one of the six (6) founding members of Phase II Pan Groove.

As a musician, Andy established a career as one of the most sought-after bass players. He has worked with a number of other talented musicians including Gene Lawrence, Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and other late greats such as Andre Tanker, Raf Robertson and Richard “Nappy” Meyers.

Although Andy currently resides in Toronto, Canada, his love for music saw him travel to perform across Canada, Europe, Latin America, North America and the wider Caribbean. In fact, while in Europe, Andy focused his attention on the bass guitar, under the mentoring of Clive Charman, bassist for Jeff Beck and Robert Bailey of Osibisa. During a visit to London, Andy was also given another extraordinary opportunity to perform for local networks ITV and BBC alongside such talents as Allan White (drummer from YES) and vocalist Paul Corder (who is produced by Roger Daugherty).

Andy describes his “first love” as the steelpan and notes that his vision is simply to continue touching “the hearts and lives of people through the joy of music, as it has done so for me.”