HADCO Phase II- Shell Invaders J’Ouvert

Shell Invaders J’ouvert Celebrations

As part of the festivities for the annual Republic Day J’ouvert, which is hosted by Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra, Dr. Len Boogsie Sharpe and HADCO Phase II Pan Groove were presented with a commemorative plaque, highlighting the occasion of their Golden Jubilee.
The presentation took place at Shell Invaders Pan Yard at 147 Tragarete Road, Port-of-Spain at 4:00 a.m. before a jubilant crowd of five hundred musicians and members of the wider public. This number quickly grew throughout the morning as eight steel orchestras, inclusive of HADCO Phase II Pan Groove, took to the streets of Woodbrook and St. Clair, providing the main source of entertainment.

Figure 1: (L-R): Beverley Ramsey-Moore, President of Pan Trinbago, Desiree Myers, Chairperson – Northern Region of Pan Trinbago and Captain, Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra, Dr. Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe, His Worship Alderman Joel Martinez, Mayor of Port-of-Spain and Michael Dinchong, Managing Director, Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra


Figure 2: HADCO Phase II Pan Groove was surrounded by hundreds of j’ouvert revellers along the route
Figure 3: Even Creamery Novelties was part of the merriment


Figure 4: Besties chipping along the j’ouvert route