Tune of Choice

HADCO Phase II Pan Groove Announces Its 2023 National Panorama Tune of Choice

Prior to Pan Trinbago’s official launch of the 2023 National Panorama Competition, HADCO Phase II Pan Groove publicly announced its tune of choice before friends, loved ones and supporters at the band’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday November 5, 2022.
We Come Out to Party is composed by Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and vocalized by Sherisse Collymore. Lyrics were penned by Christophe Grant and the production done by Leston Paul.
Following its release, the song is already being described as a monster hit that is positioned to catapult HADCO Phase II Pan Groove into the top position at the big yard for the large band National Panorama Competition on Saturday February 18, 2023.


Figure 1: HADCO Phase II Band Member Vance Humphrey definitely came out to party as he performs the tune of choice at the band’s Anniversary Celebration on November 5, 2022


Figure 2: Carol Seon is all smiles during the band’s performance of ‘We Come Out to Party’